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Michael Campos, Conversion Copywriter, Communications Strategist, and Founder of Dash30 Digital

Michael Campos, Conversion Copywriter, Communications Strategist, and Founder of Dash30 Digital

Copy That Helps Software Companies Grow Sales and Kill Churn

I’m Michael and I write persuasive, easy-to-understand copy that connects with your target audience, positions your product as the obvious choice, and increases conversions across your entire customer lifecycle.


Landing Pages, Emails, and Case Studies That Drive Serious Revenue


Each and every day, tech companies lose potential and existing customers to inferior solutions because of weak copy. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing would-be or former customers decide to spend their hard earned cash on software that’s nowhere near as awesome as yours. 

Maybe you have good traffic heading to your website but it’s not turning into demos or free trial signups.

Maybe the visitors who do turn into leads or trial users don’t upgrade to a paid plan.

Maybe the paying customers who sign up for your software end up cancelling and are never heard from again.

In any case, these scenarios are bad for business because means your customer base is either stagnant, or worse, shrinking.

You’re frustrated because you know your solution is so much better than everyone else’s.

But here’s the dirty little secret about consumer behavior: people don’t automatically choose the best solution for them, even if the technology is lightyears ahead of everyone else. 

People also don’t choose the most cost effective solution either, in case you’re wondering if I’m going to talk about pricing.

What people choose is the product they believe is the best solution to their problems.

This is where copy comes in.

Vague or ambiguous copy can leave people feeling confused and doubtful about your product. 

What you need is copy that conveys your unique value proposition clearly and convincingly.

Copy that speaks to your target audience and says everything they need to hear.

Copy that translates complex concepts into simple advantages so your customers experience “Aha!” moments for.

Copy that obliterates objections and helps customers realize you’re the best and obvious choice for them. 

In short, you need copy that helps you get and keep good customers.

This is where I come in. 

I use a data-driven, research-based process to capture the voice of your ideal customer and craft copy that connects with and converts them. 

By understanding every facet of your target audience and your product’s unique selling points, I can bridge the gap between your customers’ pain and your solution. 

Instead of generalized, buzzword-heavy copy, you’ll get copy that’s laser focused, deadly sharp and persuasive as hell.

Got software that solves problems?

I’ve got copy that’ll sell it.

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